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Analyzing, Identifying and Mitigating Your Risk

The Engine Room solves current and unforeseen problems by analyzing and identifying your risks, and mitigating them by applying policy, process and communications resources. 

The Championship Caliber Edge

As lead consultant to  a major professional sports league, The Engine Room has supported new initiatives from ideation to implementation. 

We have collaborated in identifying a broad range of risks both on- and off-the-field. We have offered effective, strategic solutions that include policy adjustments, process and controls, and, in many cases, a compressive media plan to communicate to the public.

Over the past decade, we have effectively mitigated risk through employee engagement, executive coaching, diversity and inclusion, image management, process and control, communications, and policy and rules  analysis.

​Our distinctive methodology with arguably the most successful business in the sports industry has significant value to your business. We not only take a creative, yet pragmatic, business approach toward ideation, analysis, and  problem solving, but also apply a championship-caliber edge in spirit and momentum that results in  “lightening in the bottle” solutions.

Your success is our mission

Our mission is to empower clients to protect their brand, develop their future, and to grow a sustainable and successful business. ​

Our vision is to apply business engineering concepts of ideation, analysis, risk management, and engagement to solve problems, increase productivity, and facilitate success.

The Engine Room

Our Founder

Bill Wilson has some 40 years experience providing analysis, problem solving and communications consulting to celebrities, athletes, congressional, senatorial and  gubernatorial candidates/officeholders, and corporate executives. He is versed in identifying and analyzing management issues to develop and implement practical and successful action plans. 

He is an experienced life coach and mentor with clients that include numerous corporate leaders and high profile personalities. Bill has a track record of being a powerful strategist with documented success in media campaign development, crisis management, risk mitigation, employee engagement, business development, media strategies, image management, and
reputation reconciliation.

Our Services

We solve problems and develop long-term holistic corporate solutions to mitigate risk and provide a path to success. Our efforts include:

  • Analyzing your business situation
  • Identifying Key Risk Indicators
  • Developing Strategic Risk Mitigation Plan which may include: 
    • Policy
    • Process
    • Communication Resources
    • Internal Socialization
    • External Proactive Media Plan
  • Applying Key Performance Indicators
  • Monitoring Progress

Our Work

The nature of much of The Engine Room's work is confidential. There are times, however, when  media and image campaigns are utilized to assist in risk mitigation efforts. These are amplified by integrated and comprehensive social media campaigns. Here are some examples:

Football is America:

NFL Legends Community

Troy Vincent Testimony on NFL's position on domestic violence

Troy Vincent: National Domestic Violence Hotline

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